It then offered to probe for a network card to configure. netconfig will generally take care of about 80% of the work of configuring your LAN network connection if you will let it. Note that I would strongly suggest that you review your config file for a couple of reasons: If you are still learning Slackware and Linux system management

Setting up a wireless network connection on Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi. This SARPi project will enable you to setup and configure a wireless network connection using Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi 1, 2 or 3. This project would suit users in locations where connecting to the network via an Ethernet cable is inconvenient or simply not an option, or if you just want to connect wirelessly as an alternative. How to Install and Run Slackware 13 - Make Tech Easier Jan 21, 2010 Connecting Slackware to WPA2/PSK wireless network Nov 12, 2012 Slackware Post-Install Configuration - YouTube

Slackware includes a number of tools to configure your network connection. The first we will look at is the very powerful ifconfig (8), which is used to setup or modify the configuration of the most common hardware for connecting to networks: a Network Interface Card (NIC or Ethernet Card).

Dec 02, 2013 Wireless - Slackware Slackware Linux Essentials; Prev: Chapter 5 Network Configuration: Next: 5.5 Wireless. Wireless networking is still a relatively new thing in the world of computers, yet is quickly catching on as more people begin to purchase laptops and want networking on the go, without having to fool with some old twisted pair cable. This trend doesn't TCP/IP Configuration - Slackware

Up to Slackware 11.0, this requires a kernel boot parameter (an append= line in lilo.conf) - a kernel stanza will look something like this: image = /boot/vmlinuz-ide- append = "lockd.udpport=32768 lockd.tcpport=32768" root = /dev/hda2 label = read-only After 11.0, but before Slackware 13.1, this requires setting module load

The Slackware Linux Project: Configuration Help In Slackware we have included a program called pppsetup to configure your system to use your dialup account. It shares a look and feel similar to our netconfig program. To run the program, make sure you are logged in as root. Then type pppsetup to run it. You should see a screen like this: eth0 doesn't work on new slackware 14.2 installation