Nov 20, 2013 · undefined reference Posted by richard_damon on November 20, 2013 The other thing that can cause this is if you compile task.c as a cpp file, since task.h will then declare it extern “C”, but task.c won’t, the names won’t match to the linker.

Undefined reference to "WinMain@16" in C . Undefined reference to "WinMain@16" in Code::Blocks? Sal P. I am using codeblocks and I just started to try Windows You're declaring all these variable as extern, but they don't seem to actually exist anywhere.When you say extern std::string nomEnnemi;, for example, you're not actually declaring a variable, but simply promising the compiler that it exists in another file. Aug 28, 2012 · If I remember correctly exit() is a C function - so there are better ways of doing this. I would also not exit the program from another function than main(), this can be very hard to debug in larger scale programs. In C++ main() is an int, so you can return 0; in main() when you want to exit the program. Hope that helps. All the best, NwN si***** wrote: Hello-I've got a nice C program written that uses libsndfile (#include ) to convert my raw data into a properly-formatted wav file. If you get undefined-reference errors such as the following for functions that do not exist on your system, it usually means that your MySQL client library was compiled on a system that is not 100% compatible with yours: mf_format.o(.text+0x201): undefined reference to `__lxstat' Apr 07, 2017 · C++: “undefined reference to” templated class function 1 7 April 2017 in C++ tagged C++ / template / undefined reference to by Tux In case you have a project where you use a templated class that is split in its own header ( .h ) and source ( .cpp ) files, if you compile the class, into an object file ( .o ), separately from the code that

So there is no place in memory where b actually resides (the reference is undefined). To deal with this, you have to manually declare it in a cpp file, with the syntax int A::b; . This way you are reserving some space for that variable

Aug 02, 2014 · undefined reference to function that is defined in header file. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. See more: C. I am getting undefined reference to sum in Jan 07, 2014 · undefined reference to 'cprintf' undefined reference to 'textcolor' undefined reference to 'clrscr' i use codeblocks 12.11 Mingw also i used all the libraries that i know for the compilation so i think isn't a library problem here's the libraries :

si***** wrote: Hello-I've got a nice C program written that uses libsndfile (#include ) to convert my raw data into a properly-formatted wav file.

C:\Users\ANIRUD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ccjLOzro.o(.text+0xbb):.c: undefined reference to strrev The functions strrev() available in the string.h library. Functions strrev() including some other string function such as like strupr , strlwr , strrev , which are only available in ANSI C (Turbo C/C++) and are not available in