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Oct 05, 2017 not working? | Yahoo Answers Mar 06, 2008 I can connect to the internet but not router [Solved] - CCM Dec 24, 2018 is not working or Can not access Gateway Address.

What is The, considered as a default IP address suitable for various routers manufactured by the Motorola, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link and many more. Acts like a gateway connecting all the devices to the modem or the router forming a perfect Local Area Network (LAN). How to fix Not able to Access Jan 30, 2016 not working, why? - Cable Forum

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You type letters instead of digits? 192.168.l.l - is wrong The correct IP address is (but not 192.168.l.l or 192.168 ll or 192.168 o 1) IP-address can contain digits only - not letters! Summary: How to Finally Gain Access to Router Settings at or 7. Reset the router's settings If you still cannot access the router's web-based setup page using, you may reset the device. The router can be set back to its factory default settings manually by pressing and holding its Reset button for 10 seconds. If you need instructions on how to properly reset the router, click here. NOTE: Resetting the router to factory defaults will delete That is the default router address for a "private" IP segment. The address cannot be routed across the public internet - it is reserved for private networks. To access it, you either need to be: 1. On a device on the same private network (or VLAN)