HTTPS Everywhere (Firefox/Chrome) is a must-have regardless of what other security tools you opt to use. Once installed, the extension will shunt your connection to SSL whenever possible, and will

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Nov 14, 2019

DNSSEC – What Is It and Why Is It Important? - ICANN

Avast Security Online has proven to be one of the best antivirus chrome extensions when it comes to warning you about any risks that a page you are visiting might pose. It lets you know if it is a fake page, and it even reveals to you if the URL you are attempting to add is a legitimate URL.

The Best Chrome Security Extensions to Improve Your The adblocker Fair Adblocker is designed to stop pop-ups (including videos) and malicious websites. It also has anti-tracking features to improve privacy. The extension is harsh on rogue ads, but it gives the users a chance to allow certain ad content to display so that legitimate advertisers can have access. What is DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)? - Definition DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are a set of Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) standards created to address vulnerabilities in the Domain Name System (DNS) and protect it from online threats. The purpose of DNSSEC is to increase the security of the Internet as a whole by addressing DNS security weaknesses. Essentially, DNSSEC adds Security Extensions Overview - SQL Server Reporting A Reporting Services security extension enables the authentication and authorization of users or groups; that is, it enables different users to log on to a report server and, based on their identities, perform different tasks or operations.